Jerdon HL65C 8-Inch Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror Review

It can get a little annoying, having the perfect makeup mirror but it has to have its own space. Sometimes you keep it on your vanity, but next day it ends up in the washroom and even there it journeys from the counter to the cupboard and back again. A good mountable mirror can solve all your problems and nip the annoyance from the roots.

What is the Jerdon HL65C 8-Inch Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror Good For?

This mirror is an excellent choice for someone who wants a no fuss, practical mirror for their makeup and grooming needs. It mounts on the wall without any hassle and stays put, while being adjustable when you need to use it.

Product Features

  • Wall mount mirror
  • 14-inch extension
  • Chrome finish
  • Double sided
  • 1x and 5x magnification
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Measures 16.2 x 16.5 x 12.2 inches


The Jerdon HL65C offers a luxurious experience at an affordable price. It is quite popularly used by luxury hotels and spas, so you know it is really worth the while. It has a light that can easily be turned on and off. The light is very effective and allows a very clear view of whichever part of your face you are working on.

The 1x magnification side allows the perfect vision to apply your makeup, and the 5x allows you to view in detail your pores and facial hair so you can target them as needed.

The light of the mirror works through the wire being plugged into a power socket. However, you do not have to worry about setting up the mirror close to a power outlet because its cord is sufficiently long enough to plugin anywhere.

The bulb in the mirror lasts well over a year, if not more. In a room naturally well-lighted, you may not even need to turn on the mirror light in the morning. The installation of the mirror is also quite quick and easy.

The support bar allows for enough extension and adjustment, that any user can find a setting that suits them When you are finished using it, all you have to do is tuck it back in place where it is mounted in the wall, and the area looks neat and tidy without having to put in any effort.

The quality of the mirror in terms of clarity, reflectiveness and magnification is excellent. It also does not tarnish or fade, and if it does then you have the 1-year warranty to cover that expense for you.


The light of the mirror though good, it is definitely not great. If your washroom or vanity area is located in a particularly dark area, then this light does not have much of an effect at all and does not add much in the lighted mirror department. Additionally, the chrome finish of the mirror though resplendent, wears off with time and makes the mirror look old and worn out.