Cordless Ovente 1x/5x Magnification LED Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror With 3-Tone Lighting

This Ovente mirror is a dual-sided 360° swivel design luxury mirror with 1x5x magnification. 1x for a great view of your entire face all at once, and 5x for precision, because every detail counts (8” diameter).

It’s built with a diffused ring light that eliminates shadow while in use as well as unique 360° internal wiring that allows safe rotation to any angle.

With your Ovente makeup mirror, you can be confident in how you look, anywhere you go, at any time of the day.




Its elegant design creates a luxurious focal point while opening up small spaces. Available in two deluxe finishes: Nickel-Brushed and Antique Brass.

  • 1x/5x Magnification

It allows you to view yourself most accurately through its 8” viewing space, precise 1x5x magnification, and its LED lighting is the closest you can get to natural lighting.

The mirror is also distortion-free, meaning it does not change the shape of an image. However, as the magnified lens is concave, you must be about 4 inches close to the mirror to get the most accurate results.


Last longer and use less electricity than all other types of lighting, helping you save money.

This mirror is equipped with SmartTouch Cool, Natural Daylight, and Warm LED Light Tones which can be changed by a single touch for a clearer, customizable, and brighter visual color.


This mirror is operated by either 4 AA batteries or USB adapter (included), which allows you to charge your smartphone while using the mirror.


It features a 15-minute timer that automatically shuts off the mirror to save energy.

This mirror also flatters and enhances any room, creating a feeling of light and space. For Feng Shui enthusiasts, it aids in the flow of energy and brings a sense of calm all throughout the room.