Best Zadro Lighted Magnifying Make Up Mirrors

A lighted makeup mirror is a must-have for all women who would want to make sure that makeup application is perfectly done. Zadro mirrors have the perfect balance of mirror quality and product design. It has a very modern design which is at the same time simplistic.

Top Five Zadro Lighted Magnifying Make Up Mirrors

1. Zadro Polished Nickel Surround Light Dual Sided Glamour Vanity Mirror With 5X / 1X Magnification

This Zadro mirror in particular is suitable for someone who does not just want a properly functioning and feature laden mirror, but also wants it to be designed in a way that is appealing to the eye and adds to the ambience of a room.

The double sided feature is always handy when using a makeup mirror as it allows for it be used for multiple reasons and beauty requirements that you may have.

Its rotation works wonderfully as well, and the fact that its not a complete 360 degrees adjustable is very innovative as the mirror actually stays put at the spot that you want it to be this way. The design of the mirror also leaves little to be required of when setting up the mirror on your vanity or any choice of place to keep it at.

The fluorescent lighting of the mirror is very well thought out as it really helps you in seeing every feature of your face in detail and know when your makeup is lacking something and when it is completely on point.

The dimmer switch for the light allows you to adjust the brightness of the light as well as being able to adjust the mirror according to your preference. Being able to adjust the lighting is a marvelous feature as it enables you to have the perfect amount of lighting no matter where you set the mirror.

This Zadro mirror comes in the polished nickel finish which makes it able to blend in to any room, yet stand out because of its aesthetically pleasing qualities. You do not have to rush ahead of a guest and hide your makeup mirror before they enter your room for fear that it will ruin the look of your entire room.

2. Zadro Max Bright Sunlight Dual Sided Vanity Mirror, White, 10X/1X Magnification

The mirror’s ultra bright fluorescent surround lighting emulates the effect of natural daylight, which is the ideal environment to apply cosmetics. This mirror shines light on and helps you to fix any imperfection and gives you the confidence to step out knowing you’re putting your best face forward.

It stands 16-inches tall with 10-inch mirror head. The radiant, distortion-free 10X magnification is perfect for applying false lashes or other small, intricate details. Use the 1X side for doing your overall hair or makeup.

The 270 degree swivel mirror head with rotational stop make it easy to adjust at any angle and swivel to the potion where you feel most comfortable.

No outlet close by? No problem. The 6ft cord easily reaches where you need it to. Flip the mirror over and you will find a built in storage facility for the extra long cord.

The sturdy white finish base of this mirror houses any easy to use on/off switch. The base is designed to help you conveniently store beauty tools, brushes, makeup, jewelry and more.

3. Zadro 10X/1X Magnification Next Generation LED Lighted Wall Mount Mirror, Satin Nickel

This mirror is equipped with an energy efficient, diffused LED ring light. That is specially designed to help you match your makeup perfectly to your face.

The ultra bright LED’s emulate the effect of natural daylight so you never miss a single detail to help you look and feel your best everyday.

The Zadro next generation LED lighted wall mount mirror is an easy to use and install bathroom mirror that provides a dual-sided lighted mirror, with up to 10x magnification and a 360 degrees swivel.

You can use both sides of the mirror for different applications and easily apply makeup, tweeze or shave from virtually any angle.

Additionally, the mirror is battery operated and cordless. It comes with dry wall anchors, washers and screws, so you can easily mount it anywhere you’d like-no outlet required.

4. Zadro LED Light Dimmable Dual-Sided Vanity Mirror, Satin Nickel

The Dual-Sided Magnification Vanity Mirror offers a sleek design with energy-saving LED technology. Go green and reduce energy consumption by up to 70% (compared to traditional light sources).

The cool crisp LED ring lighting in this mirror allows you to harness the same light brightness and coverage, with lower electricity bills.

Whether you need bright, natural lighting to prep for girls brunch or a softer glow to get ready for date night, this mirror does it all with dimmable touch lighting control and 3 different color setting, daylight, office, evening.

The 360 degrees endless mirror head rotation allows you to easily switch back and forth between the 1X side for doing your overall hair or makeup and the 10X side for tweezing brows,putting on lashes, skincare and applying contact lenses.

Measuring 10 x 6 x 15.75-inches, this Eco friendly mirror is also powered by easy to use energy efficient AC adapter.

5. Zadro Dual LED Lighted 10X/1X Magnification Travel Mirror, White

With two magnifications to choose from, doing your hair and make-up has never been easier.

Zadro’s LED Lighted Travel Mirror features two high quality glass mirrors to ensure a clearer reflection of your true self. One mirror features 10X magnification, which is great for touch-ups, detail, and make-up application. The other mirror has 1X magnification, which is perfect for all-around hairstyling, cosmetics, and everything in between.

No matter how dim the environment, the LEDs are sure to illuminate any area of your face. And because of the energy-saving LED technology, it’s able to run on batteries for an extensive amount of time.

Plus, the sleek, fold-up design allows it to collapse into a compact size for travel portability even the smallest luggage or bag.

This mirror has been deemed a must have for any makeup artists professional kit. It is also the perfect beauty essential for traveling and fixing makeup or contact lenses on the go.