Best Magnifying Tri Fold Vanity Mirrors With Light

Sometimes what you really need is a mirror that is both big enough to allow you to view yourself at different angles and is well lighted up as well.

Tri Fold Vanity Mirror is ideal for someone who perhaps not only prefers a bigger, well-lighted mirror. It has a center wide viewing mirror and two folding side mirrors provide you more wide view and optional viewing angle.

The portable mirror is quite compact, yet when opened it gives you just the right expanse of mirror that you need for any kind of your beauty need. It is easy to set up and use anywhere you want.

Use it to apply mascara, eyeliner or cheek blusher, contour, improve the shape of your lips, hydrate your face, pluck eyebrows, and more!

Top Five Lighted Magnifying Tri-Fold Vanity Mirrors

1. Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification

Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror provides you with the experience of a larger mirror with the space consumption and price of a smaller one.

It has adjustable magnification, illumination, and three viewing angles. Simply adjust its magnification according to how much detail you need to see.

Zooming up to 5x is ideal for makeup applications. Simply zoom out to its normal magnification for hair styling or when you are about to go.

The lights of the mirror are very bright and efficient and really give you an in-depth look at yourself from every angle so you know you are applying your makeup perfectly. You can also adjust the lighting of the mirror according to four settings; daytime, evening, home and office environments.

Additionally, you can adjust the magnification of the mirror which makes it easier for you to use it for different purposes.

The built-in electric outlet makes the mirror easier to install anywhere you want it to be without having to concern yourself with finding an electrical outlet first. Keep your beauty essentials in one place with this amazing mirror!

2. Herwiss Tri-Fold Natural Bright Light Vanity Makeup Mirror With Dual Power Supply & 10x Magnifying Spot Mirror

With superior HD mirror reflectivity, auto shut off, touch sensors and 180° free rotation mechanism, Herwiss trifold travel mirror conforms to all your needs.

The center mirror and two side mirrors with large view screen give you a perfect panoramic view of your face. The LED lighting system provides the bright, soft and long-lasting daylight that helps you achieve a flawless professional result.

The front of the mirror has a touch power button for the LED lights. And 180° rotation allows you to adjust the mirror to any viewing angle to meet your personal preference.

Herwiss vanity Mirror is operated by 4 AA batteries (not included) or use the USB cord (included) to attach it to an outlet with a USB port like your computer or phone charger. When dual power, the batteries won’t be consumed.

It is designed to auto shut off if no operations is being done in 15 minutes, without worries to waste power even if you forget to turn it off. Just touch screen again to light it on.

Herwiss makeup mirror comes with a removable 10X magnification spot mirror, allows you to focus in on a specific section of your face. The sturdy base has handy little tray which is convenient and perfect for holding all of your cosmetics, jewelry pieces, hair accessories and more.

Being portable, compact and folding, this illuminated cosmetic mirror goes everywhere you go. Great for home use, office, car, and traveling of course.

3. Butyface 21 LED Lighted Vanity Mirror with 1X/2X/3X and Removable 10X Magnification

Butyface mirror has a trifold design with stand. The middle and right section of the mirror have regular 1X magnification, while the upper left and lower left section of the mirror have 2x, and 3x magnification.

When being closed, it is space-saving and portable for travel, also it keeps dust free when not in use. When being opened, it has about twice its size, giving you more mirror space.

With 21 LED Lights, Butyface vanity mirror provides plenty bright so that you can see every detail while doing your makeup, hair or putting on jewelry. It also has 180 degree swivel rotation that adjusts to any position for makeup.

The Butyface mirror is battery powered but it also works with USB cable. The two options of supply power make it easy for you to take it on travel or at home.

The mirror also includes a 10X Magnifying mirror with suction cups, a comedone extractor, a small eyelash curler, and a eyebrow tweezers as bonus.

4. Terresa Led Lighted Makeup Mirror With Touch Screen Dimming Feature and Dual Power Supply

The most important feature of Terresa Makeup Mirror is touch sensor switch, turning LED lights on/off & adjust the brightness whenever you want makeup.

Terresa Vanity Mirror provides LED lighting system simulates natural sunlight for the brightest, most color-correct view. 180 degree rotation allows you to adjust to any viewing angle. help to improve makeup and skin care application

The ON/OFF button located on the back of the mirror. After you turn it on, touch screen to turn the illuminating lights on and hold your finger on the front circle to dim or brighten the light. If you forget to switch it off, it will automatically go off within 15 minutes.

This lighted mirror is powered by included micro USB charging cord or 4AA batteries(not included). You can attach it to an outlet with a USB port like your computer or phone charger. When dual power supply, batteries won’t be consumed.

With a durable stable base, this mirror can stand up by itself on your countertop. Besides, the storage tray is ideal for holding necessary cosmetics, jewelry pieces, hair accessories and more.

The mirror was packaged very carefully by bubble wrap to protect from damage. It includes a removable small round 10X magnification spot mirror – ideal for makeup applications and precise tweezing.

5. Jerdon JGL10W Euro Tri-Fold Lighted Mirror with 5x Magnification, 4-Light Settings, White Finish

The Euro makeup mirror is a highly stylized version of the classic top-selling JGL9W Tri-Fold Mirror with high magnification, lighting and built-in electrical outlet.

The JGL10W has a tri-fold design with (2) side mirrors so you can have a panoramic view and look at all angles.

The adjustable center swivels from 1X magnification to 5X magnification. Zooming in to 5X magnification is great for applying makeup in hard to see places, while 1X magnification will give the perfect view of any hair do. The center mirror swings 360 degrees both ways. Use the adjustable back stand to adapt the entire device (mirror, stand and lighting) to match any angle you’re sitting at.

The fluorescent lighting on this makeup mirror is glare free and comes with 4 adjustable settings for daytime, evening, home and office environments. Just slide the easy-to-use switch over to the right or left to find the perfect lighting that meets your beauty needs.

This JGL10W is 13.8″X 3.75”X 12.25” in size and folds flat for easy storage. As it’s big and bulky, it may not be practical for travel, but it works very well as your everyday mirror sitting in one place.

It stands up by itself on your countertop, vanity or dresser, allowing you to keep all of your beauty necessities in one convenient place.

This tri-fold mirror also provides a convenient 120-volt electrical outlet built-in for curling irons, blow dryers and other appliances.