Best Conair Double-Sided Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirrors

Get in touch with your inner beauty with Double-Sided Lighted Conair makeup mirror.

Conair mirror has two sides, so you can get a magnified view when you need it. It can be easily placed on the dresser, a bathroom counter, a vanity or wherever you need it.

With optimum glare-free illumination, Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror makes a lovely beauty essential so you can accent your features before heading out the door, day or night.

Top Five Conair Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirrors

1. Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror With 1x/7x magnification

Conair Oval Double-sided Lighted mirror is ideal for use at home, in the room where you use makeup or other beauty products. Its build is not compact for travel, so its design is more suitable for being set atop a vanity for functionality and as an addition to the room’s décor.

The soft, halo lighting may seem like its too light, but it is designed to provide you with the optimum amount of light that you need to apply your makeup. The 7x magnification side is ideal for doing your eyebrows so you know every single hair has been plucked out by the tweezer.

The height of the mirror is just perfect if you are sitting down when using it. For further adjustments, the 360 degrees rotation allows you to tip it up or down to your preference.

It comes in two colors; Oiled Bronze and Polished Chrome, so you can choose the one that best matches your fixtures and décor. Also, the two different finishes give the product a more expensive look for the price, so it adds a decorative element to the room where you decide to place it.

2. Conair Natural Daylight Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror With 1x/10x magnification

Conair Natural Daytime Lighted Round Mirror provides the most natural looking light that you need to apply your makeup or groom your eyebrows or other facial hair.

The 10x side of the mirror really lets you see the nitty gritty details of your skin and face, and tackle those areas in detail as well. The rotating mirror head provides flexible viewing at 1x or 10x magnification and easily tilts back and forward for viewing.

Its brushed nickel finish combined with its minimal yet modern design, give it an almost decorative element. The base is the ideal size as well, because it fits on the vanity or the bathroom sink without taking too much space and leaving plenty of space for other products to sit on.

It has to be plugged in to turn it on, but the cord it comes with is fairly decent sized so you can set it up anywhere, and just turn the light on to begin using it. You don’t have to worry about being near a power socket to plug it in either. Additionally, the cord is transparent, which makes it less of an eyesore, if it is set up where it is visible to the eye.

3. Conair Round Double-Sided Wall Mount Lighted Makeup Mirror With 1x/8x Magnification

Conair’s Two-Sided LED Lighted Wall-Mount Mirror is a beautiful complement to any hotel bathroom.

This Conair Natural daylight fluorescent lighting Mirror provides warm illumination as you apply and remove cosmetics and care for your complexion. With a 12 inch extending swivel arm and 360 degree rotating tilting head, the range and angle of this wall-mounted mirror can be adjusted as you get up close.

The dual-sided mirror provides 1x and 8x magnification power surrounded by variable and natural light from the energy-efficient, bright fluorescent bulb, and the mirror’s wide diameter provide guests with the clear views they need for makeup, contacts, shaving.

The Brushed Nickel design brings added style to your furnishings. It’s easy to mount, with a clear power cord that “disappears” against the wall.

4. Battery Operated Conair Double-Sided LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

Powered by 3x 2A batteries, this Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror has much versatility that it can be used anywhere.

The flexible mirror rotates 360 degrees to get close up with up to 7x magnification. It sheds a bright, uniform, and soft light on your face to obtain a shadow-free reflection even in a dim environment.

Featuring lifetime LED lighting you will never have to replace a bulb and can count on even lighting that illuminates around your entire face for perfect makeup application!

With its polished chrome finish and classic oval design, this double-sided tabletop mirror reflects style, taste, and looks.

5. Conair 3-Way Touch Control Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

This classic makeup mirror rotates 360-degrees in its frame to provide two essential views – regular and 7X magnification – as a built-in light illuminates the details. Spin the mirror and angle it at any position to obtain the best angle for different makeup needs.

The 8.5″ diameter mirror is large enough to provide Fog-free and glare-free viewing. With your gentle touch, the light can be adjusted to Low, Medium and High, and the light is certainly bright enough even on low.

The soft glow of the circular lighting system is easily adjusted by a touch to the base of the mirror. Simply touch the base of the mirror with your fingertip to progressively make the light brighter.