Best 10x Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirrors

Makeup is like the icing on the cake to the ensemble you put together for the weekend party you are headed to. Why mess with your cosmetics application in the dark? Lighted makeup mirror allows you to do your makeup and other grooming functions in the dark and see your face clearly.

The 10X magnifying makeup mirror allows you to really zoom in on even the smallest details on your face so you can highlight your best features. It’s perfect for applying make up such as eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, as well as tweezing unwanted hairs.

Top Five 10x Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirrors

1. Fancii Daylight LED 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror

Featuring 6″ ultra-Clear glass screen, an adjustable, easy-lock suction cup, and 10X magnification that your average mirror, this battery powered vanity mirror gives you just the right amount of natural light for effortless and convenient makeup use even in case your eye-sight is not the best.

Once attached to the surface like ceramic, porcelain, or another mirror, the suction cup hold secure for your daily use. The flexible 360 degree swivel makes it easy to use it anywhere at any angle.

And the twist-n-turn locking mechanism helps you to attach/detach the mirror from a flat surface in the bathroom so that you can move it up and down easily.

Another nice feature of this Fancii mirror is there are no cords you have to mess with. Since the mirror is powered by 3 AA batteries, you can even bring it with you on your next trip. When folded, it takes up fewer than 1/2 square foot of space.

Take it with you on your business trips, holidays and all your out and about to ensure the flawless precision effects.

2. Fancii Square 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

Fancii premium mirror provides maximum convenience and get professional make up results.

With contemporary square design, this Fancii lighted makeup mirror comes with a 5.2″ wide clear glass screen, and the frame is about 6.5″. It has pretty good size as portable mirror or bathroom mirror.

Controlled by a on/off switch button, the 16 LED lights provides clear lights for you, avoid shadows for even makeup application and easy tweezing.

The airtight-seal suction cup provides a secure attachment. It stands up-right on table or mount to wall mirror. It takes no more than 3 seconds to install this mirror. Simply attach, twist, and lock the mirror in place. You can suction the mirror at your eye level. 360° swivel arm makes it easy to use it anywhere at any angle.

The mirror’s LED lights are powered by 3AAA batteries. Plus, It’s packed with a soft velvet travel storage pouch, which is perfect if you want to take it with you traveling.

3.Conair Natural Daytime Lighted Round Mirror; 1x/10x Magnification

For more intricate makeup and primping tasks, get the Conair Natural Daytime Lighted Round Mirror; 1x/10x Magnification. With its 10x magnification, you will definitely look flawlessly amazing. Buying this mirror guarantees you that you will never walk out of the house with mascara stains and a pair of unbalanced eye shadow.

With 10x magnification that is so sharp, you will be able to address every imperfection. It will show you all the flaws, and help you perform all the new makeup trends. Now you can correct every enlarged pore, scar, fine line, sunspot, or a developing pimple as soon as possible.

This mirror consumes 60% less energy, helping you minimize your electricity bills. It is highly energy-efficient without jeopardizing the quality of its lighting. In fact, it is 30% brighter compared to other lighted makeup mirrors.

The mirror features an 8.5” diameter that you can rotate so you can have a complete view of your face when you switch to its 1x magnification. It is big enough for hairstyling too. Its brushed nickel exterior makes it the perfect eye candy to your countertop, table, desk, etc. Sleek and sturdy, you will not be terrified of getting this thing knocked off.

4. Floxite LED Lighted Travel and Home 10x Magnifying Mirror

The Floxite LED Lighted Travel and Home Makeup Mirror with 10x Magnification is just as good as it looks. This mirror is designed using high quality materials, making it strong enough to withstand external influences during travel.

It is scratch free so you would not have to worry about scrapes and abrasions on your mirror when it collides with other items inside your suitcase. Its 10x magnification feature enables you to spot even the faintest imperfection you can address.

Tweezing is a breeze using this mirror! Most importantly, it produces non-distorted images. The Floxite LED mirror is specifically intended for travelling, but it is also suitable for home use. For a hands-free viewing, simply turn its cover into a stand. The stand also protects the mirror from dirt and grime.

The mirror folds down flat to one inches in thickness, enabling you to save more space. Tuck it in your bag so you can have your touch-ups later. Its bright LED lights enable you to have an easy makeup application even when you are in a room with the worst lighting.

No more hassles of dangling cords and switching light bulbs with this one; only replace its three AAA batteries when needed. With the Floxite LED lighted mirror, you will always look just as gorgeous as you did when you left your home.

5. Spaire Double-Sided Travel Makeup Mirror With 1X / 10X Magnification

The Spaire vanity mirror is the perfect match for someone looking for a multi-purpose mirror for travelling or business trips, as it is double sided, has a minimal design and it’s battery operated.

It is also light weight so it doesn’t add to your luggage’s weight, despite being a generous sized mirror.

This 10x magnifying mirror applys to very fine skin care and makeup, such as cleaning the blackheads and other acne. Another convenient feature is that of rotation; no matter which side of the mirror you use, you need only tip or tilt the mirror around a little and adjust it to your need.

The quality of the mirror itself is quite top notch, it does not scratch, fade or tarnish in any way at all. The 4 white plastic strips on the bottom help the mirror stand more firmly on the table.